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Random Signature Script - FAQ

Q. What does this Random Signature Script do?
A. The Random Signature Script allows you to upload your pictures which are normally used for signatures on forums. It allows you to also delete the pictures you don't want on your Random Signature.

Q. Are there any restrictions on the files I upload?
A. Yes, each file must be under 40,960 bytes.

Q. Why did you make this?
A. Well it first started out as me having a Random Signature on the forums and then I decided I would offer it to anyone else who wanted it and now I have made it so people can use this site instead of PM'ing me on creating or changing their Random Signatures.

Q. Some of my Sigs aren't displayed on my Random Sig. How do I fix this?
A. Try viewing the picture by itself. If that doesn't work and gives you a error page, then it means the webserver can't process your picture. Try changing your picture format. Eg, .gif .png, etc.