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March 15th, 2007

It’s been almost a month with nothing for me to report. I’ve slowly been redoing the ADSL Australia Reporter website but have given up that for a little bit while I work on other things.

I was looking at the phpBB Forums, but unforunately they’ve had a raid array failure:


Ouch! RAID array failure…

We’re sad to announce that during the switch of a failed harddisk to the hot-spare and the planned 2 hours required for the array to re-sync, we’ve been hit by an extremely unexpected double-disk failure which leaves us with a dead array.

As the server needs to be rebuilt with a new set of harddisks and reconfigured, there will be a number of days of downtime whilst this holding page is up on a vserver and that the server failure can be recovered from with the existing website and data from our private CVS repositories restored. In the mean time, please direct yourself to our temporary support forums over at Area51.

Bertie probably shouldn’t have fed the server honey to see if that would make it feel better…

Cheers :([/code]

Vacation Experiences

February 17th, 2007

Here’s a quick post which outlines important things that occurs or happened at each country/place I stayed at. Below you can check out about 110 pictures from the vacation.

Vacation Pictures @ Flickr


Argentina is dangerous place to live. I’ve heard so many stories from uncles/aunts/friends about all the crazy things that happen. People there will rob you for anything you’ve got or so I’ve been told. If your by yourself, you better be very cautious. I’d recommended going in at least groups of 3 people+. You can image what it’s like to bring a $600 camera to a place like this. Nearly everyone who knew about my camera always joked saying if a guy came to rob us, we would give or throw them the camera and run.

  • People generally stay up until 5am usually in clubs, etc.
  • In some places the water isn’t safe to drink (if your at your relatives place then it’s usually ok to drink)
  • Driving in Argentina is 100x worst than in Australia. People seem to never use car lanes properly (cars swerving in and out of different lanes). Most of the times they don’t obey the rules and there isn’t much police around (they tell me) so they are free to do anything they want. They even drive on the incoming traffic lanes (there is a picture of this in the vacation photos)
  • When you’ve stopped at a major traffic light, there’s usually going to be people there offering to sell you things like flowers, etc
  • Always lock your doors when driving (and even remove your stereo from your car when your gone)
  • If you ever go to see soccer matches, you shouldn’t bring anything valuable with you


In salta the driving conditions are much better than in Argentina. It’s generally not safe to drink the water, but drink from the tap only if you need can’t find bottled water or boil the water. Salta’s a mountainous region and is quite a nice place to live. The crime isn’t as bad as in Argentina but that’s probably because Salta doesn’t have as many people as Argentina. Watch out for the mosquitoes.


Peru is pretty much like Argentina except most people are much poorer. The traffic is a bit worst in Peru than in Argentina with people constantly beeping their horn.

  • In some homes there isn’t any water pressure and you sometimes won’t find the hot water tap in the sink.
  • You shouldn’t at all drink the water, always boil it and let it cool. People generally buy lots of soft drinks (they have 3 litre ones).
  • If you want to look like a local, just don’t clean your finger nails :P. Kidding, you won’t look like a local but most people’s finger nails are very dirty.
  • Em, sometimes no water comes out from the tap! (maybe that’s just the place I stayed at).


Cusco is cold place and if your wearing shorts (like I did) you’ll stand out from the jean wearing crowd. Cusco is home to the famous inka’s and is close to Machu Pichu. There’s a lot of museums, churches, temples, etc. It’s a good place to be if your into all the history of Peru and like to see archeological remains.

  • We went on a tour and when we got off the bus and started walking around lots of children gathered around us and asked us to buy their stuff like finger puppets, hats, gloves, jumpers, etc. You buy one thing off one kid and the other one wants something as you gave money to the previous kid.


The USA is a good place to be in, it’s sort of similar to Australia, but out of the two I would prefer Australia. When we went the temperature was as low as -2C, so bring jeans, wear two shirts and then a jumper or two.

  • The food is expensive (like $8+ US a pizza I think it was).
  • We had arcade games in the place we stayed and you only needed a quater (25c) instead of $1 like in Australia.
  • People are friendly.
  • Don’t go to Mexico with a rented car or forget to bring your passport (I wasn’t told about this and had to spend the night at a hotel).
  • Good tv shows

phpBB Mod: Member of the Day v1.0.0 Submitted to MOD-DB

February 6th, 2007

The phpBB Mod: Member of the Day as requested by this post has been updated to v1.0.0 as it seems like an alright Mod I may as well submit it to the MOD-DB.

Deny Posting Text and BBcode Until x Posts v1.0.2

January 28th, 2007

There was a minor major problem with Deny Posting Text and BBcode Until x Posts v1.0.1 which didn’t allow users to post anything as it kept giving them the BBcode not allowed until x posts message. So update to v1.0.2.

The problem was that instead of
[php]if ($post_message != $newmessage) {[/php]

it should of been

[php]if ($post_message != $bbencode_message) {[/php]

I’m back from vacations

January 22nd, 2007

Just to let people know, I’m back from my overseas vacation which lasted 2 months. I visited Argentina, Salta, Peru, Cusco and the USA. I’ll be posting pictures/videos as well as my experiences from each location either this week or next week.

View Previous and Next PM accepted in MOD-DB

November 25th, 2006

phpBB Mod View Previous and Next PM has been accepted in the MOD-DB.

View my Photos

November 18th, 2006

If you would like to see my photos that I’ve taken you can visit my Flickr or Zooomr accounts. I’m hoping to have more photos on both once I come back from vacation or actually take the camera to places other than my backyard.

Deny Posting Text and BBcode Until x Posts v1.0.0 denied from MOD-DB

November 18th, 2006

I submitted the phpBB Mod Deny Posting Text and BBcode Until x Posts v1.0.0 to the MOD-DB and it has been denied for a number of reasons.

One of the reasons was I was using preg_replace when it would be better to just be using sprintf.
[php]$patterns[0] = ‘/%s/’;
$patterns[1] = ‘/%i/’;
$replacements[0] = $deny_text[$x];
$replacements[1] = $board_config[‘deny_post_restrict’];

$deny_text_error = preg_replace($patterns, $replacements, $lang[‘Deny_text_bbcode_error_text’]);[/php]

Another reason was I included text which already existing in the phpBB 2 default.
[php]$lang[‘Deny_text_bbcode_delete_text’] = ‘Delete’;
$lang[‘Deny_text_bbcode_information_text’] = ‘Information’;[/php]

Also because I used < BR /> instead of < br / > in:
[php]$output_message .= $lang[‘Deny_text_bbcode_restriction_text’] . ” ” . $lang[‘Deny_text_bbcode_error_more_than_zero’] . ”

And because I used htmlspecialchars() instead of intval():
[php]$id = htmlspecialchars($id);[/php]

Another reason is some characters weren’t been entering into the database properly.

Finally the last reason is that not all BBcode use the $bbcode_uid.

I’m happy to say that all these problems are now fixed and I’ve submittted v1.0.1 to the MOD-DB.

Haven’t blogged for a while

November 18th, 2006

I haven’t blogged for a while mostly because I’ve purchased a second hand Canon 300D 😀 last week and have been viewing/reading lots of photography materials. Materials include e-books, lots of websites, reviews, a video on photography and a videoblog of a photographer doing some photowalking.

There is just so much information about photography to learn and to take the time out to experiment trying out the techniques for yourself.

I’m heading of overseas for 2 months which is mainly why I’ve bought the 300D and am trying to get all the information I can about photography before I leave so I’m able to get some decent shots. For those two months I probably won’t be able to do any more blogging.

There are lots of accessories to be bought for the camera and so far I’ve got a camera bag (came with the camera), 2 GB CF card, 2 additional batteries and am waiting for my Digimate II 40GB portable storage device which for vacations is a must. Too bad I’ve only got the kits lens but nevertheless, I should still be able to get reasonable pictures.

Since I’ll be leaving shortly I’ve set michaelwest from Westscript as the Forum Moderator, so he can keep my forum clean of spam and be able to fill in for me while I’m away.

Just one more week to wait until I’m off…

Remove Banned Users From Memberlist v1.0.2

November 5th, 2006

Remove Banned Users From Memberlist has been updated to v1.0.2 as there was a problem with the pagination displaying more pages than there should be. Update to v1.0.2 from v1.0.1 here. I have submitted this change to the MODDB and now just have to wait for them to update the version to 1.0.2.