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Ebay Archive – No more HTML display

Friday, August 24th, 2007

The Ebay Archive project will no longer have HTML displays of the Ebay products as all our HTML files were somehow deleted from our host as the maximum files for the folder was reached (400k or so).

It was something that I have never heard of before. I would of thought that instead of deleting all the files from the folder that it would disallow write access to the folder instead… but oh well.

I’ve decided not to bother with storing HTML displays of the Ebay Archive as this may happen again in the future.

Ebay Archive

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

So what I’ve been working on is the Ebay Archive which aims to keep a record of all the Ebay Items that have ended in certain categories for longer than the standard 90 days. It contains the Item Name, Price Sold, Date/Time Sold, Item Number and a HTML display of the page.

Currently this is only available for the Australian Ebay Website –, but later on I might think about archiving the US Ebay Website –

Random Sig Script Tutorial Updated

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

The Random Signature Script Tutorial has now been updated to reflect the current design style as well as offering information on the different functions such as in the My Account page.

Random Sig Script Top Ten and Overall Statistics

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

You can now view the Top 10 most linked to Random Sigs. We have also developed a Random Sig Script Total Statistics line graph which shows the total number of hits per day in a monthly view. Both are updated in real-time.

Random Sig Script Statistics

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

The Random Sig Script now has a statistics page which allows you to see the hits your random signature has gotten in the current month as well as previous months and includes the monthly total, yearly total and since you registered total of hits.


[DEV] Random Sig Script Statistics

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

I thought it would be interesting to allow users to view how many hits their random sig script is getting for the current month with a total hits for the month/year and for the entire time since they have signed up. Below is what I have developed so far. I might develop a special page which displays the top 100 or so most viewed random signatures per month and year.


UzziSoft Redesign

Sunday, October 1st, 2006

That’s right. UzziSoft has been redesigned yet again. There was something just not right with the other design template we used (probably the big text and black and greyish background, even though it seemed to look well). We’ve gone with a white background to make it easier on the eye and with a simple design. The Random Sig Script has also been updated with this design as well a now using sessions instead of cookies.

Random Sig Script Text Addon

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

A user has posted on the forum with asking for text to be synced with the images. This text addon only works for users who have their Randomness on Progressive. I’ve implemented this feature and you’ll firstly have to activate it by going into the My Account page and selecting Images with Text as the Picture Display Style.

You then go to the View Pictures page and you’ll see you have text boxes after each image. This is where you type in the text you want with the image and then you press the Update/Delete button.

Your text link will be on the Login Home page which once called on is a transparent image with the text on it. Internet Explorer users may have troubles with the transparency (i.e. it might look to be transparent).

Note: In rare times it’s possible that the wrong text is shown on an image. This is usually because alot of people might be accessing your signature at the same time.

UzziSoft History

Friday, August 11th, 2006

Below listed are the main events that happened from the time UzziSoft started until the making of this blog.

4 April 2004
The Uzzisoft Website was started. The main incentive for this website was to provide my PHP projects available for download. The first planned project was PHP Simple Membership System. You can visit the old uzzisoft website here.

6 April 2004
PHP Simple Membership System
was released. It was mainly just a project to develop my own skills on PHP and MySQL. It featured displaying the current online users, allows users to change their details, allows users to change there password, users can logout and use of cookies.

5 May 2004
After some discussion on, people wanted to have sigs which changed. I decided I might do such a thing and came up with Random Picture Script. The first versions of it would let you just link to the pictures via a URL. You could have multiple pictures by having multiple URLs. Eg.;

15 May 2004
To further develop my PHP skills I decided to do a PHP Business Management System. The PHP Business Management System was like normal store transactions. It allowed staff to be able to make transactions for a purchase, eg customer buys something from the store and they find the products using the product ID and then print out an invoice.

17 August 2004
After a while of having no domain name and having no real webhosting, I decided to get the domain name and went with a webhosting company called Qualsec.

Since the success of the Random Picture Script, I decided to modify it and came up with what I have today, the Random Sig Script. It allows people to upload their images, delete images, etc.

3 November 2005
The How To section was established and some How To’s were published.

16 August 2005
UzziSoft moved from Qualsec to Servage web hosting as the Qualsec servers sometimes were been ddos’ed as well as Random Sig Script users signature picture not been able to be deleted.

19 February 2006
The learning PHP video tutorial was made. It took some time to get all the content and editing right but in the end I managed it. I put it up for the price of $2 and it finally took about 1 month for someone to actually buy it. (The video tutorial was then made free about 1-2 months later)

2 April 2006
The PHP CVS Project was released. Looking around the internet I couldn’t find really find any CVS written in PHP as simple as mine. It was going to be a basic CVS system, which will allow users to manage files, edit files and post changes in a change log whilst keeping a version control on files.

5 April 2006
Signed up with DreamHost to host UzziSoft some where else. The domain was registered. It cost $13 US for a whole year of web hosting with 1 domain free (1 TB Bandwidth per month with 25GB HDD space).

10 April 2006
I developed a scene type show like except that it will be about the p2p scene. It took a while to get the editing right, but I came up with an seemly alright Episode 1. I had future plans for other episodes, but no many people showed an interest. I assumed it was because many people might have not even know about it. p2p scene was then cancelled.

19 April 2006
The UzziSoft blog was created so users could see what kind of things were needed to run/manage UzziSoft. This blog later became my own blog with any kind of posting be it about UzziSoft or not. All other news/events are now posted on the blog which you are reading now.

SUC v0.2 Released

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

I’ve just finished changing the examples in the how to use page so v0.2 is now released.

Added registry checking to allow the program to check the software version you have installed on your computer and then to compare your version with the website version. Get this update.