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iG:Syntax Hiliter plugin installed

Friday, September 15th, 2006

It took me forever to find a good syntax highlighter plugin for this WP blog but at last I’ve found a good one:

If your having problems with the width, change the width in this line in ig_syntax_hilite/css/syntax_hilite_css.css:

[code]/* change this line to set the width of code box */
.syntax_hilite { width:500px; }[/code]

Graduated from University

Sunday, September 10th, 2006

At last, I’ve graduated from my university. I now have a Bachelor in Information Technology majoring in Software Engineering. Hurray! :). The ceremony was on the 8th of September and lasted 2 hrs.

SUC v0.2 Under Development

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

Software Update Checker v0.2 Under Development already?! Well if you call it developing… I call it modifying.

This version is just a little different, it will let you specify the registry key of the software you are checking for, so now it can compare your local version with the one from the website and it will tell you if you need to update it or if your version is current.

Someone suggested it and I thought it would be hard to read registry keys in Java but it’s actually quite simple (after you copy the example from the Java website ;)). It’s almost finished, I just have to modify the current webpage for v0.1 and change the examples a bit.

Just remember, since this version will read from the registry, not all programs store registry keys at all while some others may but might not store anything about the programs version. This is the reason why it’s skipped to v0.2, so that you can choose which SUC version suits you best. Edit: I might as well just make it backwards compatible with the v0.1.

Off to bed now.

Not much happening…

Monday, August 7th, 2006

As the title says nothing much has been happening. I’ve slightly adjusted the forum so it doesn’t have so many categories and am slowly working on a Software Update Checker type program (in Java).

It’s pretty much done and it just checks some software websites and reports back to you on the version numbers of the software. You’re allowed to create your own “softwarelist.txt” file which you can enter in more software websites to check on. It’s a basic program I would say.

phpBB 3.0 Beta1

Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

I’ve just briefly tried out phpBB 3.0 Beta1 and it looks fairly complex, well the administration panel does. Most of the rest is kind of the same except for some things like having Birthdays and Statistics as default along with the File Attach Mod, Admin/Moderator log, reporting of users and warning users to name a few.

Overall it looks quite good and I will be happy to update the UzziSoft Forums to 3.0 once it’s non-beta/non-release candidate.

phpbb_beta_1.png phpbb_beta_2.png phpbb_beta_3.png

SiN Episodes: EP1 Emergence Bought

Monday, July 3rd, 2006

Sin Episodes: Episode 1 Emergerence has been out for a month or so and I decided to buy it for $19.95 (US). I bought it 4 days ago and have kept on playing it ever since. There just something about the game which makes me want to keep playing it (maybe it’s that dynamic adjustment system they made).

I’ve finished it 4 times already and on my first attempt it took about 5 hours. Now it takes me about 2:30 hrs or so depending on how many times I quick save/quick load ;). I’ve made a video showing my gameplay and that was about 1:57 hrs long which I don’t intend on releasing publicily.

I’ve thought about doing a speed run, but someone’s already done 32 mins and that seems pretty good enough.

Bought Sin Episode 1 from Steam

My HL2 Scene

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

Since I’ve just posted my 3D Computer Case Model, I may as well post my Half Life 2 Scene. It was created using Gary’s Mod. Be aware, my ‘scene’ is not that good at all 🙂

My 3D Computer Case Design

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

I’ve had a 3D model of my computer case up for a while and just thought I’d post the link to it on my blog. It’s designed in Google SketchUp. Google have done a really great job with SketchUp.

Beginning of my Blog

Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

Welcome all to the beginning of my Blog. I’m new to blogging so don’t expect me to know any of the rules or procedures (if there are any!).

I’ll mostly be covering news and other information which don’t get posted on the UzziSoft homepage since it’ll be too cluttered.