phpBB3 Mods: Show Views In Topic & Change Registration Date

The two phpBB mods Show Views In Topic & Change Registration Date have been ported over to phpBB3. I saw a post on my one of my mods asking to port it to phpBB3. I knew basically nothing about the phpBB3 system and thought I’d give it a shot as these two mods weren’t that complicated and phpBB documentation has always been very good.

I just go ahead and download any MOD DB phpBB3 mod and view how they’ve released the mod and any specifics to it. Turns out the txt file that we use for phpBB2 is now is an XML file which links to a style sheet which looks quite nice. As it’s just an XML file I just go ahead and edit everything I need to. The code for the mods practically remained the same except for some slight changes such as how to handle input from the user, etc.

All in all it was much easier than it expected it would be.

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