Ebay Archive categories expanding

So the Ebay Archive is going fine. There were a few problems initially such as the date/time sorting not working as I decided to use varchar for the database and copy the Ebay date/time instead of using int for the database and convert the Ebay date/time to a unix timestamp; I guess this shows that it’s better to do things properly instead of doing things quickly.

Another issue is the fact that each item takes about 50Kb for the HTML file. This is pretty big and if you 27,000 entries so far, it’s already 1.3 GB… ouch! Lucky for me I’m with Dreamhost which offer 200GB diskspace plus 1GB extra gets added on each week. I’ve now made a header and footer page for the HTML pages which cuts the size by half to 25kb each. Now there’s the problem of going through 27,000 HTML files and removing the parts that aren’t needed.

Finally I’m hoping to expand the categories the Ebay Archive covers to include Cameras, & Accessories, Electrical and Mobile phones.

Edit: Those Ebay Categories above have been added.

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