No new updates

It’s been almost a month with nothing for me to report. I’ve slowly been redoing the ADSL Australia Reporter website but have given up that for a little bit while I work on other things.

I was looking at the phpBB Forums, but unforunately they’ve had a raid array failure:

<h1>Ouch! RAID array failure…</h1>
We’re sad to announce that during the switch of a failed harddisk to the  hot-spare and the planned 2 hours required for the array to re-sync, we’ve been  hit by an extremely unexpected <a href="">double-disk  failure</a> which leaves us with a dead array.

As the server needs to be rebuilt with a new set of harddisks and  reconfigured, there will be a number of days of downtime whilst this holding  page is up on a vserver and that the server failure can be recovered from with  the existing website and data from our private CVS repositories  restored. In the mean time, please direct yourself to our <a href="">temporary support forums  over at Area51</a>.

Bertie probably shouldn’t have fed the server honey to see if that would make  it feel better…

Cheers :(

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