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View Previous and Next PM accepted in MOD-DB

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

phpBB Mod View Previous and Next PM has been accepted in the MOD-DB.

View my Photos

Saturday, November 18th, 2006

If you would like to see my photos that I’ve taken you can visit my Flickr or Zooomr accounts. I’m hoping to have more photos on both once I come back from vacation or actually take the camera to places other than my backyard.

Deny Posting Text and BBcode Until x Posts v1.0.0 denied from MOD-DB

Saturday, November 18th, 2006

I submitted the phpBB Mod Deny Posting Text and BBcode Until x Posts v1.0.0 to the MOD-DB and it has been denied for a number of reasons.

One of the reasons was I was using preg_replace when it would be better to just be using sprintf.
[php]$patterns[0] = ‘/%s/’;
$patterns[1] = ‘/%i/’;
$replacements[0] = $deny_text[$x];
$replacements[1] = $board_config[‘deny_post_restrict’];

$deny_text_error = preg_replace($patterns, $replacements, $lang[‘Deny_text_bbcode_error_text’]);[/php]

Another reason was I included text which already existing in the phpBB 2 default.
[php]$lang[‘Deny_text_bbcode_delete_text’] = ‘Delete’;
$lang[‘Deny_text_bbcode_information_text’] = ‘Information’;[/php]

Also because I used < BR /> instead of < br / > in:
[php]$output_message .= $lang[‘Deny_text_bbcode_restriction_text’] . ” ” . $lang[‘Deny_text_bbcode_error_more_than_zero’] . ”

And because I used htmlspecialchars() instead of intval():
[php]$id = htmlspecialchars($id);[/php]

Another reason is some characters weren’t been entering into the database properly.

Finally the last reason is that not all BBcode use the $bbcode_uid.

I’m happy to say that all these problems are now fixed and I’ve submittted v1.0.1 to the MOD-DB.

Haven’t blogged for a while

Saturday, November 18th, 2006

I haven’t blogged for a while mostly because I’ve purchased a second hand Canon 300D 😀 last week and have been viewing/reading lots of photography materials. Materials include e-books, lots of websites, reviews, a video on photography and a videoblog of a photographer doing some photowalking.

There is just so much information about photography to learn and to take the time out to experiment trying out the techniques for yourself.

I’m heading of overseas for 2 months which is mainly why I’ve bought the 300D and am trying to get all the information I can about photography before I leave so I’m able to get some decent shots. For those two months I probably won’t be able to do any more blogging.

There are lots of accessories to be bought for the camera and so far I’ve got a camera bag (came with the camera), 2 GB CF card, 2 additional batteries and am waiting for my Digimate II 40GB portable storage device which for vacations is a must. Too bad I’ve only got the kits lens but nevertheless, I should still be able to get reasonable pictures.

Since I’ll be leaving shortly I’ve set michaelwest from Westscript as the Forum Moderator, so he can keep my forum clean of spam and be able to fill in for me while I’m away.

Just one more week to wait until I’m off…

Remove Banned Users From Memberlist v1.0.2

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

Remove Banned Users From Memberlist has been updated to v1.0.2 as there was a problem with the pagination displaying more pages than there should be. Update to v1.0.2 from v1.0.1 here. I have submitted this change to the MODDB and now just have to wait for them to update the version to 1.0.2.