More phpBB mods: Thank Post by User

Thank Post by User was a request which allows registered users to thank a post which was posted by another user. This mod took me a while longer than the rest to do and I’m glad I did it. Although the thanks button could be done better instead of me copying and pasting the letters from all the other subSilver icons 😉

– Able to thank users for specific posts
– View posts to see the users who have thanked them
– View a topic and see the number of times you have been thanked and the number of times you have thanked other users posts

thank_post_by_user_viewtopic thank_post_by_user_popup

3 Responses to “More phpBB mods: Thank Post by User”

  1. Jonny says:

    Some peoplesteal mods and change the codes and call it theirs.
    This wouldn’t be your mod, would it?


  2. alexi02 says:

    (Didn’t even notice this comment until now, sorry)

    Well I did create a similar mod for phpBB 2.x but they have created it for phpBB 3.x. I would say that it’s fine for him to call the phpBB 3.x version which he made his.

    Thanks for notifying me about this! It’s funny, I just happened to get a request on my forum about converting my Thanks Post by User mod to phpBB3 and stumbled along this mod you pointed out.

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