Another phpBB Mod: Change Your Password Reminder & Change Registration Date

I’ve been trying to think of ideas for another mod to make and came up with this Change Your Password Reminder mod. Basically it reminds the user to change their password every x amount of days that the admin set. So if they changed their password today and the admin has it set for 30 days, then in 30 days it’ll remind them with a little popup to change their password.

If they don’t change their password then they will be re-reminded with the same popup every x hours specified by the admin. It’s good for forums who need users to change their password every month or so for security reasons.

change_your_password_reminder_acp change_your_password_reminder_popup change_your_password_reminder_profile

I also did a little mod to add a editable user registration date in the Administrator Control Panel, so that Admins can change user’s registration dates easily. I’ve submitted this one to the MOD Database and hopefully it gets in. The little mod is called Change Registration Date.


I’m still waiting for users to test my Mods for bugs so that I can submit to the MOD DB once any bugs are removed.

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