phpBB Mod: Remove Unactivated Users (Automatically)

I haven’t been doing much on the UzziSoft website, so have looked around and found something new to do; which is to build a phpBB mod called Remove Unactivated Users (Automatically). This mod basically removes unactivated users after a period of time that I specify.

I’ve been working on it quite a bit and lately have added some email functionality which can email you the error log and the deletion log after a number of users get deleted. I would of done it every x days, but then the user would have to run a cron script which wouldn’t suit everyone. After this email functionality, I decided to lay it out as all the official mods which have a lang[] array and the templates file. I thought it would of taken forever and it seemed a little complex but in the end it actually helps my script to be more easiler to read.

I’m not sure what else I should do to this mod other than possibly using a database instead of using a configuration file (but the configuration file is just easier). I do believe that right now it might be accepted in the phpBB Official Mod list. Best to double check all the requirements and to wait a while for some users to test the mod out.

Edit: I just installed the mod on my forum and there goes half of the members 😉

remove_unactivated_users remove_unactivated_users1

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