Random Sig Script Text Addon

A user has posted on the forum with asking for text to be synced with the images. This text addon only works for users who have their Randomness on Progressive. I’ve implemented this feature and you’ll firstly have to activate it by going into the My Account page and selecting Images with Text as the Picture Display Style.

You then go to the View Pictures page and you’ll see you have text boxes after each image. This is where you type in the text you want with the image and then you press the Update/Delete button.

Your text link will be on the Login Home page which once called on is a transparent image with the text on it. Internet Explorer users may have troubles with the transparency (i.e. it might look to be transparent).

Note: In rare times it’s possible that the wrong text is shown on an image. This is usually because alot of people might be accessing your signature at the same time.

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