SiN Episodes: EP1 Emergence Bought

Sin Episodes: Episode 1 Emergerence has been out for a month or so and I decided to buy it for $19.95 (US). I bought it 4 days ago and have kept on playing it ever since. There just something about the game which makes me want to keep playing it (maybe it’s that dynamic adjustment system they made).

I’ve finished it 4 times already and on my first attempt it took about 5 hours. Now it takes me about 2:30 hrs or so depending on how many times I quick save/quick load ;). I’ve made a video showing my gameplay and that was about 1:57 hrs long which I don’t intend on releasing publicily.

I’ve thought about doing a speed run, but someone’s already done 32 mins and that seems pretty good enough.

Bought Sin Episode 1 from Steam

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