Test Moving of the Random Sig Script

After deciding it was time to test moving all the directories, files and MySQL Database of the Random Sig Script from UzziSoft.com to UzziSoft.net I went to work on backing up the folders and files from FTP.

It took a very long time, mainly because of all the FTP connection timeouts I was getting and all the names which contained symbols that made them not copy over. So after about 2 hours I managed to get most of all the directories and files. Next it was a simple PHP MyAdmin Export Database procedure and I was done.

Things were going fine so far until that is I decided, hey instead of uploading all these files and folders, I can .tar.gz them and upload that file onto the DreamHost server and un gzip and tar from there (if you don’t know DreamHost give you ssh access). After uploading the .tar.gz file and extracting all the files I thought everything would be fine. But I didn’t expect there to be just files and no folders. Turns out that no directories were created and all the files were just dumped into the main randomsigscript/ directory.

I was in trouble. I’d either have to remove each file by FTP or do a rm *. I choose the rm * option and then had to quickly restore the users who were using the UzziSoft.net’s jpeg files (only 4). Lesson learned, don’t use .tar.gz again without knowing that the directories are included.

Now I’ve just .zip’ed up all the files instead since I know that works and have extracted the zip file. Directories were created, woo.

Last thing to do was grab the .sql file from the backup and upload that to the server and that was that! All users Random Sig Scripts should now also work from www.uzzisoft.net.

Next step is to redirect all the randomsigscript directory requests from UzziSoft.com to UzziSoft.net which I’ll work on later.



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